Monday, July 11, 2016

Incoming Testimonies

In November, 2016, I received the following email from a nurse at Southern NH Medical Center in Nashua, NH.

"Thank you for my drops of faith art gifts, and for the ones that you sent me for the ICU waiting room. I brought them into work soon after you sent them to me, and I checked today, and they have all been taken!! Thanks so much, as I'm sure they offered comfort to some of the visiting family and friends. We have had some very sad cases lately. Prayers being sent your way, and thanks again for your special works of art".

Praising God that this sweet nurse had the opportunity to utilize the drops of faith art items in a place where none of us could be. She was the feet of Christ. We pray that for all those who found them, that they have brought a measure of God's comfort, peace, and hope.


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