Tuesday, July 12, 2016

About Us

Hi, I'm Carol Jean Blakely and I live in Texas with my husband.  We have three children, five grandchildren and a great granddaughter.
I am the director of a prison ministry that sends Bible studies to those incarcerated.
I have enjoyed crafts of all sorts all my life and now enjoy using my creativity to make small tags with scripture and encouraging words to include in those Bible study packets.
As I make each one (and I do bunches at a time) I pray especially for those who will receive them - that they will encourage those in what is most likely discouraging situations.
Others I make to abandon - praying they will be an encouragement and trusting God to place them in those hands where He needs them to be.
I thank God for the gift of creativity and thank Him for allowing me to use it for His work.
I pray to be open to His leadership in spreading the love of Jesus Christ to a hurting world.

Hello, I’m Kim Reed.  I am from New Hampshire.   I have one adult son, Tim, and an amazing boyfriend, also named Tim.  I have enjoyed doing crafts for many years, but never delved into art until about two years ago.
I have found tremendous joy in creating small pieces of artwork or making crafts and including Scriptures with them.  Whether I have given them as gifts, abandoned them in random places for people to find who may need an encouraging word from God, contributed to a specific outreach, or in some cases handed them directly to a stranger, God has forever changed my life through this avenue.  God has used this means of communicating His message of love and hope to others to bless me in the process.  I always ‘pray while I play’, asking God to show me what Scriptures to include, and He is always so faithful to guide in each step.  I also pray for each person who will find or receive my work.
This has become a passion of mine, and I am continually humbled to know that I ‘get to’ play a small role in God’s plan of reaching out to His world, so in desperately in need of His love, by communicating His Word through creativity.

Hi, I’m Debbie Reed.  I live in Minnesota with my husband and two adult children.
I’m a pretty crafty person, love to do all kinds of different art projects.
I have been a Christian for about 35 years now.   I love to encourage people and try to give them hope in life.
I love making tags and bookmarks with encouraging Scripture on them and leaving them around for people to find.
I always pray over the items I am working on, and I pray for God’s leading and wisdom for what to put on each one.
I then pray for his direction and prompting as to where to leave each one for the person that He intends it for.
It is such a joy to be used by God in this way.  To be used as His Hands and Feet to others in the world, spreading His Love.

Hi, I'm Feather Reed (Debbie's daughter). I live in Minnesota with my family.  I really enjoy making tags with my mom.  I always feel His presence in every tag I make as I am praying over them. I always get excited to think who will receive the tags I make.  It gives me so much joy serving the Lord in this way.  I pray that the person who receives them feels His love like I do.

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