Sunday, August 27, 2017

Funky Christmas Wishes 2017

Gearing up for this OH SO special event for the homeless and less fortunate! Amazing things happened last year! Not only were people able to receive gifts and items needed, but some also found Christ. To me, that is beyond exciting!! Everyone involved longs for these precious people to feel the love of Christ. We would appreciate prayers for this event, that God would prepare hearts, and that volunteers will be sensitive to God's leading. Last year, this event changed my life! I was expecting to be a 'blessing' and came out with my socks blessed off! Our group, 'Drops of Faith Art Ministries' will be participating once again. Please pray for us too that we are sensitive to God's leading in all we create!
This event is held at First Baptist Church in Manchester, New Hampshire.  Hosted by Harmony Home Ministries.

Items made for the 'Funky Christmas Wishes' Event

Karen is making these gorgeous scarves:

Monday, August 14, 2017

Homeless Outreach Ministry

I would like to thank my dear friend, Carol Jean, for lovingly making HUNDREDS of these beautiful John 3:16 cards.  They will be utilized in a neighboring community of mine, Manchester, NH.   I will be giving them to my friend and brother in Christ, Henry Demers.

Henry established a special place called Harmony Home, which provides basic needs for the homeless four days per week.  They not only receive practical things they need, but are also able to access Godly counsel there, attend chapel services, and hear the message of the love of Christ.  Henry is also involved in street ministry outreach each month, and some of these cards will also be utilized there.  Henry is a Godly man who loves on people as Jesus asks us to do.   I am thankful for him, and the ministry he provides.

As a group, we will continue to seek to be a blessing to his ministry, and create with the goal of loving people to Jesus, one person at a time.  We pray that these cards will help to plant seeds in lives and point people to our loving Savior.  If you receive a care and visit our blog here, please scroll down to see the Gospel message.  If you see this and are already a Christian, please join with us in prayers that God will use our gifts to shine the love of Christ.  That’s our heart’s desire.

Blessings and love to all,

Monday, January 23, 2017

More from 'O Come Let Us Adorn Them' Event

On Dec. 3rd, 2016, my sister and I had the privilege of attending 'O Come Let Us Adorn Them', an outreach to the homeless in Manchester, NH.

Several amazing friends participated in this, assisting me with the items, with such love shown, you would have thought these precious homeless folks were their own neighbors. I will be posting a couple more testimonies in the days to come. For each testimony that touched us personally, I decided I wanted to do a journal page for each to seal those sweet memories in my mind.
Feather Rae Reed is an amazing young lady with a heart after God. She joined our ministry awhile ago now, and she is full of love for others, and she creates straight from her heart with joy! It is evident in her work. Very much so, and I am so proud of her!

There was a woman who walked by our table that day. She was clearly homeless. The only thing she had with her was an old purse with holes in it. When my sister and I greeted her, we told her the types of things that were available at our table. She shook her head and said, "No. I don't believe in that kind of thing". She thanked us anyway. There were so many people that she kind of got 'stuck' in front of our table.
She spotted a tag that had purple glitter all over it, with a Scripture on the back. She looked both ways, scooped it up, and put it in that raggedy purse. My sister and I both caught this and were smiling ear to ear!

Feather prays while she works. CLEARLY, this woman would have left there without anything from our table, had she not seen the beautiful tag with the purple glitter. God took Feather's work, and I have no doubt in my mind that whatever Scripture was there was meant to be seen by this lady that day. God is SO specific to each of us, and this just proves it! God took something that Feather loves...purple glitter...and He used it to speak His words of life to the heart of someone Feather does not know, who is without a home, who happens to love purple glitter too!
I had so much fun with this page, and I used Feather's photo with permission here. Don't be afraid to step out when God calls you to do something! The 'small' things are NOT so small at all!!!

Blessings, Kim

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

O Come Let Us Adorn Them

Hi friends,
In October, my sister, Karen, let me know about a Christian homeless ministry event that was taking place in Manchester, NH, on December 3rd.  It was called ‘O Come Let us Adorn Them’, and it was being run by a longtime family friend, Henry.  He and his family attended the same church that Karen and I grew up in.  I had not seen or spoken to Henry in over twenty years!  He is involved in full time ministry to the homeless.
At this event, I knew that free items such as winter clothing, scarves, hats, gloves, and hygiene products would be given freely.
 I felt so strongly in my heart that God was calling me to assist in the way of making cards and bookmarks with Scriptures or other Christian sayings on them.  I asked Karen if she would please give my contact information to Henry, and she graciously agreed.

On October 12th, I received an email from Henry.  Karen had told him a little bit about our ministry, and what I would like to do.  Henry was so encouraging from the beginning, and he showed a great deal of enthusiasm about this.
When I told our little team, they showed great excitement about it and wanted to help.  They pitched in and began making things right away.  I am so grateful to each of them because I couldn’t have done it without them.  I am also touched deeply that they caught the burden for people in my neighboring community, and they sought to minister to them as if they were their own neighbors.  Isn’t that what loving as Christ would all about?  God is not boxed in by our locations!

I asked Debbie to speak to why she and her daughter, Feather, felt called to assist me in this project.  This was her response:
“Both Feather and I, when we heard about this just really touched our hearts. The homeless is such a huge problem; we see homeless people around here all the time on street corners with their signs, breaks our hearts. When we have cash we always give it to them”.

Not only were these ladies actively involved in making things, but they prayed fervently for the people to whom we would minister and receive our items.  I would also like to express my thanks to Karen for being willing to assist with our table that day.

God moved beyond our wildest dreams!   At the event, Karen and I both feel God forever changed us through this experience.  We arrived early because we had heard there may be an issue with parking, and we were unsure of the location.  To our utter shock, there was already a long line of homeless people standing in front of the building, waiting to be let in.  It was cold that day, and very windy.  They waited there at least 90 minutes!
Some were improperly dressed for winter, simply because they didn’t own winter clothing.  We saw men, women, children, and even babies who were out there shivering in the cold, waiting for a warm place to come into.
Once inside, a church service was held, and the Gospel message was presented both in a short message and in song.  Afterward, lunches were served to everyone.  Then, it was time to head downstairs to receive the gifts that were there.

There were over 300 less fortunate ‘shoppers’, as well as over 200 volunteers.  The volunteers represented 50+ churches and ministries, from all denominational backgrounds.  It was such a beautiful thing to see the body of Christ working together to love on these precious people, with no thought given to doctrinal differences.  We were simply there to love.
There are SO, SO many testimonies that came as a result of this event that I will be writing more about those in coming days.  I am just presenting a little introduction here, but many God stories will follow!

When God moves, He moves.  The love and joy inside that building that day were absolutely incredible.  People were prayed over, and some people did indeed come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.  For those who did not accept Christ that day, I have no doubt in my mind that seeds were planted, and so we pray that God will complete the good work He started in their lives.

We must learn to see everyone as children of God, to treasure all, to see their worth through the eyes of Jesus, and to seek to love them as He does.  When we shine our lights, we are a reflection of the Light of the World, our Lord and Savior.  We continue to pray for those who were ministered to that day, and we are so thankful to Henry, and to God for allowing us to play a small role in this event.
In total, over 800 of our items were given that day.  This is not said to be prideful, but rather to show God’s glory in all things. 

When we are humble before Him, when we listen to His call, His voice, He can work wonders and do great and mighty things!
I am SO looking forward to sharing with you more about this experience.  God used this day not only to bless the people there, but also to bless us beyond measure.

As more testimonies pile in, we are in utter amazement about what our big God has done and will continue to do.  This is not to brag on us, but rather, to brag on Him!  He is worthy of all praise and glory, and we humbly give that to Him!  May He continue to be glorified in all we say and do. 

Blessings,  Kim

Friday, September 2, 2016

Hopefest 2016

Last weekend, August 27th & August of the Church's in New Hampshire held a musical festival called Hopefest 2016.
It was benefiting Habitat For Humanity.
Kim, her mom Brenda, Carol Jean, myself, and my daughter Feather made items to spread the love of God to the women, men, teenagers, children, the elderly and the Veterans.
Special thanks to Kim's son Tim, and her boyfriend T, for helping with our booth.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

About Us

Hi, I'm Carol Jean Blakely and I live in Texas with my husband.  We have three children, five grandchildren and a great granddaughter.
I am the director of a prison ministry that sends Bible studies to those incarcerated.
I have enjoyed crafts of all sorts all my life and now enjoy using my creativity to make small tags with scripture and encouraging words to include in those Bible study packets.
As I make each one (and I do bunches at a time) I pray especially for those who will receive them - that they will encourage those in what is most likely discouraging situations.
Others I make to abandon - praying they will be an encouragement and trusting God to place them in those hands where He needs them to be.
I thank God for the gift of creativity and thank Him for allowing me to use it for His work.
I pray to be open to His leadership in spreading the love of Jesus Christ to a hurting world.

Hello, I’m Kim Reed.  I am from New Hampshire.   I have one adult son, Tim, and an amazing boyfriend, also named Tim.  I have enjoyed doing crafts for many years, but never delved into art until about two years ago.
I have found tremendous joy in creating small pieces of artwork or making crafts and including Scriptures with them.  Whether I have given them as gifts, abandoned them in random places for people to find who may need an encouraging word from God, contributed to a specific outreach, or in some cases handed them directly to a stranger, God has forever changed my life through this avenue.  God has used this means of communicating His message of love and hope to others to bless me in the process.  I always ‘pray while I play’, asking God to show me what Scriptures to include, and He is always so faithful to guide in each step.  I also pray for each person who will find or receive my work.
This has become a passion of mine, and I am continually humbled to know that I ‘get to’ play a small role in God’s plan of reaching out to His world, so in desperately in need of His love, by communicating His Word through creativity.

Hi, I’m Debbie Reed.  I live in Minnesota with my husband and two adult children.
I’m a pretty crafty person, love to do all kinds of different art projects.
I have been a Christian for about 35 years now.   I love to encourage people and try to give them hope in life.
I love making tags and bookmarks with encouraging Scripture on them and leaving them around for people to find.
I always pray over the items I am working on, and I pray for God’s leading and wisdom for what to put on each one.
I then pray for his direction and prompting as to where to leave each one for the person that He intends it for.
It is such a joy to be used by God in this way.  To be used as His Hands and Feet to others in the world, spreading His Love.

Hi, I'm Feather Reed (Debbie's daughter). I live in Minnesota with my family.  I really enjoy making tags with my mom.  I always feel His presence in every tag I make as I am praying over them. I always get excited to think who will receive the tags I make.  It gives me so much joy serving the Lord in this way.  I pray that the person who receives them feels His love like I do.

Hi I'm Karen Reed Curfman. Kim Reed is my Sister. I am a Wife and Mother of 3 children. I love music, singing and crocheting scarves for the homeless. I live in NH and love to be a source of encouragement to others. When the Lord lays someone on my heart, I send a card of encouragement and include a piece of artwork that these ladies have created. My prayer is to be a blessing to others and to allow them to experience the love of Christ in a profound way.